AK&W Episode 12

Episode 3 has been dead for ages, it’s been bugging me.



  • The original episode 3 was better
  • The bad posing is a metaphor against old people or something.
  • Hi
  • They’re floating because it’s the FUTURE!
  • No, I don’t really expect anyone else to care.


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Bad posing aside, I laughed quite hard the second time they were on the boat.

“Wait, there was a joke somewhere!”

So good for me at this time of night, Gotta tell ya.

ARTY!!! :buddy:

Haha, “a boat”

Haven’t seen anything from you in a long time wearwolf.

Surprisingly enough this was somewhat funny. Thanks Wear

Surprisingly? Them be fighting words mate.


Oh you know, I always expect you to make funny stuff. When I saw the begining of this one I got doubts, but you my good man didn’t fail my expectations.

It’s been a long time, wear. Also, great comic.

You’re on a motherfucking boat yo.