Ak47 lets get this baby in the game :)

The AK as the maximum level weapon (considered modern - but fits the rusty theme)
picture from : stym

VOTE FOR AK47 HERE : http://admin.playrust.com/item/edit/10275/

BTW do u like how it looks ?

Possibly to add more of a “rustic appearance” decay the wood a bit? Looks freshly cut, and I know my beginners rock didn’t carve that!

Dude IRl ak47 is like TANk its undestroyable :slight_smile: so good thing is that the ak47 in Rust wont need repair :slight_smile:

Aren’t they planning to remove many guns from the game though?

yeah i think so but they will remove the shitiest i think if they leave m4 they should add ak47

Uh huh. Obviously you aren’t familiar with what occurs in nature. Nothing is “undestroyable” and an AK can be introduced to father time just like any other weapon made of metal and wood. Wood decays, especially when exposed to the elements and metal rusts. Just throwing out some help for ya, if you don’t want to utilize it, it won’t effect my sleep.

I think you have this backwards. The “shitty” guns are most likely staying, the modern style ones like the M4 may be on their way out.

I enjoy the “shitty” guns so to speak. Nothing says I love you like scratching a rock on top of a barrel and getting the kill.

The problem with good guns is they’re seriously overpowered against just about everything else.

Wasn’t the image used here taken from the “New building parts” thread? I think the person who made the model should be the one handling the item editor.

Hell yea baby!:rock:

I added item to main items thread. http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1375956

PS. Please take a minute, and give your vote for items that you like!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yup. And there are reasons I haven’t submitted this yet.

First of all, to the creator: It looks very nice, but does not fit the Rust motif. IMO.

Second, it doesn’t fit the Rust theme. It’s a completely machine made gun with a superfluous cloth strip wrapped around, of all parts, the machine made ammo clip. I’m sorry, there is nothing “Rust” about this. Oh wait, let’s dirty it up some - IT’S SO GRUNGE!!! Maybe if it looked anything like someone didn’t make this in a factory with precision instruments, I would say it looks Rust, but everything about it looks like it came right from the factory.

Why do I like it?
Because if anything is going to survive an apocalyptic situation, it would be the AK-47.

Why do I not like it?
Because we already have the extremely powerful Bolt Action that uses a 5.56 and introducing an even more powerful round (7.62) would be ridiculous.

The revolver and pipe shotgun is not going to be removed, the M4 is however going to be removed.

i do believe this would be a perfect replacement for the m4 :slight_smile:

No credit to “Stym”? :confused: