Akare Kalibos Supercar

I know it’s iffy and weird looking, but it was a blast to design it to be stable and smooth at 180+mph (and is).

It’s thruster powered, no way could a wheel powered vehicle get this kind of performance.

sobel owns.

WHEN PASTING THIS CAR MUST PASTE NORTH. With advanced duplicator, check the box saying "paste original angle."


Could work a bit more on aesthetics, Not that i can do better but what ever.
I’m downloading it.


AdvDupe-ERROR: "Failed to make “gmod_wire_expression2"”

I updated my wire svn and tried again, No luck.

The wheels are also sagging and it’s just failing. I’m not quite sure what the problem might be.

Cool, but that front fender needs some serious work.

Those buckets need to be replaced with something smoother, they ruin it :confused:

But noice cell shading lal.

Kinda reminds me of a cross between a lotus elise and bugatti

Looks like something that belongs in Borderlands. With non-shitty controls, of course.

I drive better than karbine.

I wish.
'Nway, awesome car. I love it. make it more blue.

Thats what it is, I knew it reminded me of something but I couldnt work out what.

Its not a bad car, but it could certainly do with a redesign, try and remodel the front using more, smaller props to give it a smoother shape

The rear is hot but it needs breast implants
And where u get thems graphic effects like that? Looks like a comic book or something :3

Sobel filter

not sure about the expression problem, but you need 2 paste it facing north/ +x

The buckets at the front kinda ruin it :frowning:
But I’d hit it in da butt.

I somehow fucked up my wiremod. It works now, And as of updating the svn, I just realised a new feature have been added to adv duplicator. “Paste at original angles”. <3

i know, it’s such a fucking awesome feature. It only took tad 2 years to implement such a simple feature.

When playing around with the car i noticed that holding mouse1 changes the sound a bit when driving. What does it exactly do? It seems to make it easier to steer but i really have no clue.

If what Karbine says is true, I’m amazed he can get those wheels over 40 an hour without falling through the ground like they always do to me. :v:

Ahahahhaha. Knowing karbine it revs the engine when you are stopped.

I dont think anyone should have issues with those wheels going through the ground. The PHX race wheels never do that to me at any speed.

m1 revs the engine (Ldesu’s sound expression)


also FUCK I just noticed that the car struggles past 140mph, I need to fix that.

-snip- go ahead and give me bad reading ratings, I deserve them :-p