Aki Ross Player Model

I couldn’t find the Aki Ross leak or a remake. I combined S-Low’s E3 Combine with a custom head. If anyone has a better face, please release it.


The hair looks absolutely horrendous.

I fucking lol’d, the good quality face gets slapped on to the low poly hair.

Wasn’t that the burger i threw up this morning?


In other words your textures are blurry and need alphas, please improve.

Its these type of models you keep for yourself.

How do you select a part of something like that (where you’ve done with the face) and move it into a different scene in Milkshape, as i’ve not been able to figure out how to do it correctly. Or have you modelled that from scratch over the picture (i’m not sure from the images there).

Alphas are easily done, so I think that would be an improvement for the hair like they said. Also why does the face look gaunt in the GMod pics, as it doesn’t in the Milkshape ones @.@

Is that the hair from the … horde elfs in wow? The females

lol I thought that was my winamp

It’s that same guy who releases hash jobs thinking they are absolutely wonderful obviously.

Please, for the good of all of Gmod, stop making models.

Actually keep at it, you seem to be getting better. Tho you don’t read these comments anyways.

Haha, oh wow.

i think you need to redo the hole head again that one is messed up :S

Face rocks, body and hair sucks. Use that other assassin model that came out.

How come you never improve your models?

Nice face, shit hair

Try modeling the body from the movie. And, of course, improve this. Critisizm aside, good idea. Now we just need phantom npc’s, soldier models, and the neat revealer flare that Aki carries around in the city.