Akimbo'd/Duel Wielded Weapons

So after playing some wolfenstein lately, I was thinking. Why not have duel wielded weapons? I’m not saying go all out like Wolfenstien did (Duel wielded Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, Automatic Shotguns) but why not be able to akimbo pistols and other smaller weapons. Perhaps having two knives instead of one?

Have you ever shot two pistols at once in real life and hit a single target? I’ll tell you this. It is HARD. You’re basically having to hip fire from both guns at once, and the recoil is a lot more punishing. Pistols in Rust already fire pretty fast, definitely fast enough for anyone’s needs. Having two of anything besides maybe SMG’s for close quarters combat sounds pretty ridiculous to me.

I remember akimbo model 1887’s in one of the call of duty games, were the most OP weapon you could ever play with

I hope they get balancing right if this sort of thing is added!

I know it doesn’t sound very realistic, but as Garry said himself, sometimes you have to have to compensate fun for realism.

akimbo is hella fun in FPS, but I’d rather not see it in rust:)

One thing i think it would be nice to see is that when you hold a hatchet for example and you eat somnthing you should/could be able to see your character actually using the other hand to eat.

However i dont really think that dual welding weapons would fit well in rust.

(I rather see more dual handed weapons such as spear,lances or somenthing like that).

I do not think that dual wielding (Akimbo) is for Rust. It’s nothing more than a gimmick, really.

Also, suggestions of any kind of the game should go in the Rust Suggestions section.

No. Dual weapons fits FPS games likes COD, but it has no place in Rust, in my opinion.

In fact I’d like less emphasis on firearms in general. But that’s me :wink:

I think that the whole guns blazing part doesn’t really fit well to Rust.

Rust is a slow paced game. Akimbo doesn’t really fit that pace. Its more of a fast paced thing like in Quake.

This isn’t call of duty. Akimbo weapons don’t belong amoung this game

I personally wouldn’t object to being able to hold/use two weapons. It isn’t that practical, but it would be pretty fun.

I would love to see Amiibo support in this game, oh wait, nevermind :slight_smile:

The idea of a sandbox game is to be able to do mostly anything you can think of… Going akimbo should be stupidly punishing recoil and aim-wise, but should still be an option. I’m not against the Rust pirates running around with two Handcannons like Blackbeard.

This is not call of duty. Although it would look kinda neat it would be a waste.

that image almost changes my opinion on this:)

How 'bout 1 left hand axe & right hand revolver type of dual wielding?
Or at least the possibility of wieling a torch & have an axe up at the same time!

ya the torch is completely useless when you cant hold a weapon in the other hand at the same time.

Lol. I can’t imagine how much fun the aimbotters would have with this.

But yeah, later, when EAC is in place, might be fun.