Akrid swarming a man and mech

Original: http://img32.imageshack.us/img32/6220/csdesperados0000.jpg

Well, I tried for this one, I really did… I tried smoke(which was looking good until I further edited the pic), I tried making the Akrid’s t-eng spots glow, and I tried livening up the pic…Also, its TOO dark, which means the SHEFing failed. Overall, I am dissapoint. If you guys wanna edit it, the original is right above this part. Back to tutorials for me, adieu.

I find it quite hard to see what’s going on.

I know, it looked much brighter/visible in photoshop but after uploading it…


For some reason, when I try to save the original, it saves it as “redirecting at .HTML”.

right click saving it works for me when I click the link

Don’t SHEF, it’s just obsolete and doesn’t look very good at all.

I wouldn’t if I knew a better way…


the word “clusterfuck” springs to mind

What. I can’t see anything.