Alan Wake Foliage models

I really like all the trees that are in Alan Wake, and I think they could be put to good use if someone could port them. Even if someone can just extract the models with their textures and send them to me I wouldnt mind that either. I would try this myself but I dont have Alan Wake.


I heard that its now possible to port content from Alan Wake. Can anyone give it a try, or link the tool used to extract the content?

I have a maxscript for Alan Wake models

Just curious does it export character models with intact rigging?

Seconded, those foliage models look awesome.

Not sure, haven’t tested it on characters

Would you be interested in sharing the max script and such? Im only looking for the raw models and textures at this point.

Here’s the script, for unpacking archives there’s an “Alan Wake Tool”

I tested it out… it gets the meshes with weights just fine but the rigging seems “broken”. Is this script going to be updated in the future?

Probably not

How do i get the textures to work witch the max script?

Extract them seperately and apply them to the mesh

How do i extract the textures?

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