Alan Wake Gamemode!

Alan Wake, is a 3rd person action/adventure where you are a famous bookwriter having writers block, so you go vacation on an island called Bright falls, just to get away from it all, his wife who goes along with Alan is DEATHLY afraid of the dark, they stay in a small island cottage, and as the sun is setting she “surprises” Alan with a typewriter, and he gets infuriated becuase he doesn’t want to think about writing, so he storms out of the house becuase it is dark out hand he know she wont follow him, suddenly, the power cuts off in his house, he hears his wife scream several times and runs back inside, he finds her body floating down into the lake, he jumps in after her, and wakes up in a crashed car about to fall off a cliff.

ok, enough of the story, the fighting mechanic is pretty straightforward, shine the flashlight (or flare, flashbang, etc) on the people and the darkness burns off, but they are still taken over, so you have to shoot them, but while the darkness is still on them, they are invincible.

If this could be made(which i think it could with a little ingenuity) it would be one of the best gamemodes ever.

i really wish i could work on this, but since i have no knowledge whatsoever on how to script,model, etc, i can’t. so i’m hoping for a gracious soul to come along and help me.


also, the darkness guys look like this:

It won’t happen, abandon all hope.

why not?

It could happen if someone is interested about the idea and has Lua skills.

I need some one who is as much of a fan of Remedy as me.

Slightly similar to this?

kinda, only the zombies are easier to see, walk slower, and you don’t have to super awesome flashlight of death.

The flashlight doesn’t kill…