Alan Wake ragdoll

can anyone make or port a alan wake ragdoll

there should be a writer for gmod for once

is it really that hard to make or port a Alan Wake ragdoll?!

anyone going to try?

Alan Wake:

Platform(s) Xbox Exclusive

No shit, but anyways, first time I agree with you, we need a damn writer, but please, no more bumps.

why don’t you try self boy?
i can’t port but i know from much people that things take time.
and sometimes things are impossible… so take it easy

i dont know how to port


Do it yourself. Learn things. Grow up.

how , how do i port

until YOU can teach me , dont be a asshole , asshole.

Can you wait for a while?

Probably 2 weeks, I guess.

You are the asshole, not him.

You cant read for shit, it says Xbox 360 exclusive.

It’s difficult to port from a game. It’s more difficult to port from a game that uses an engine that hasn’t been used for anything before. It’s even more difficult to port from a game that uses an engine on the Xbox 360 and isn’t on something more available like the PC. Reverse-engineering as hard as all fuck, which is what is required if you wanted to port from the game. You need to decrypt the Xbox files which can take ages, find which files contain the model and texture data, spend weeks, months deciphering how they put the model in there, then finally use your coding and model knowledge expertise to translate this into a common model format that we would be able to spend a few more days getting ready for Garry’s Mod for FREE. I might be exaggerating a little bit, but you have no idea how much effort you need to go through for this, just so you can pose a crappy 10 second pose in the dark with him holding a flashlight and saying “Here it’s done thanks for the model! xD”. There’s only a handful of people I know, probably less, who have the knowledge to do this let alone the means and time.

Bottom line; very unlikely you’ll get the model. Alan Wake was a great game and it’s probably my favorite 360 exclusive, but it’s very doubtful you’d get the actual model from the actual game.

Guys spectre said you will have to wait 2 weeks or so if you can’t read.

Well why would I teach an impatient little kid?

well it does seem impossible

Another thing.

If it’s for your trash quality poses, no.

Heres your tutor.