Alan Wake ragdoll

I have a idea how to make a Alan wake ragdoll. Make a Nick from L4d2 Hex to look like Alan Then Headhack to the nick hex to look him.

So is anyone up for this?


Yes. Headhack , modelers did this with the Frank West ragdoll

I support this…

Thank You Mr.Wake

But theres no alan wake ragdoll to begin with.

There was a frank one, it sucked, sorta, which is why they headhacked franks head on, which is taking a pre-existing model and putting it on another.

There is no alan wake ragdoll or model to my knowledge available, so…

That is why someone needs to hex nick then headhack

Headhack…onto what?

And i dont get it, do you want nicks head on something or another head?

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Also, its not hex, its skin.

Hexing is when you make a seperate ragdoll with the skin, that doesnt replace the original.

put a alan wake head on the skin of nick


Make a head

I think that’d be a tad difficult.

I was afraid you would say that

No they didn’t.

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Anyways the face is really one of the most import parts. It’s not amazingly difficult to make the body (Don’t use Nick’s body, it’s not really suited for Alan) but yeah the face.

I said to do a skin for nick’s body then face. but I agree with there with the face

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