Alan Wake Theme/ A writer (Not alan wake just the idea)

Here is yet another Alan Wake themed picture. It would be better if I had a model close to what alan looked like you know the hoodie,green jacket and then whatever that other jacket is called.

But I will have to do with what I have so here you go tell me what you think and I hope you like looking at it as much as I liked making it

and also this is my first time adding light like that and I know it sucks but thats what I can do for now

added bonus I just found this cool

Another Unedited bonus

Bonus looks like he stabbed himself in the head with something so here have a funny.

One thing I don’t understand is why those silly Americans hold a flaslight like that.

Less glare from light source being behind line of sight, confused position to possible assailant, wider beam dispersion, 30 CM long club in swing position etc.

If it’s a MagLite long handled flashlight, then it’s also hefty. Security guards use it as a stunning weapon: the high-powered beam can be used to disorient people if shined in the eyes, and it can also be swung and used as a baton because of it’s weight and length.

It’s common practice to hold a flashlight in this manner. It’s not just Americans who use it – from what I’ve seen, EVERYONE is taught to wield a long-armed torch at the shoulder. The posture adds for mobility, plus it makes it hella easy to swing.


oh yeah what the above post said oops


oh also in regards to the picture, the use of the lamps on the character create some of the ugliest lighting I’ve ever seen. I think the biggest problem is that you used maybe one lamp to fill in the lighting and leave it at that. Don’t do that, ever. Use other lights and lamps to fill in lighting. The entire face and body has all of this harsh polygonal shading going on and it looks like it came from a 1994 pre-rendered animated video.

Good point