Alarm sound that plays the sound for 10 sec?

Hello there,

I have a trigger that activates my alarm sound in hl2 but whenever it plays the sound it never stops or never will.
I tried some things with Logic_timer and the trigger outputs such as “Delay of seconds: 10 Kill” but no luck to make it stop after 10 seconds.

So how can i make something that starts the sound and will stop the sound when it counts to 10?

Have you tried a delay of 10 seconds to stop sound?

Why are you even using a logic timer? If you are triggering the sound with something like a trigger_relay , just do something like “On Trigger -> Sound Entity -> Stop Sound” with a delay of ten seconds.

Tried play the sound when triggered with : Trigger_once.

Ontrigger - Alarm - Playsound

Ontrigger - Alarm - Stopsound - after delay of: 10

Still keeps on going when testing it.

It’s because ambient_generic is horribly bugged and it doesn’t allow you to control looped sounds. I never worked much with sounds so I don’t know what you should do.

Uh, there’s a flag to fix this in the ambient_generic’s properties I’m pretty sure. Tick it if it’s not ticked and then try what you’re doing.

Alternatively, you can fire an output to “kill” the ambient_generic, I believe that would eliminate the sound it plays, as well.

However this means, if you wish the alarm to be retriggerable, you’ll have to use something like… I think point_template might work to respawn the ambient_generic as necessary.

Just lower its volume to 0, and then kill it.