Alarm system

A nice feature I would suggest, is being able to craft some kind of alarm system for your house. This way if someone trips a wire, or some other sort of alarm you get an e-mail or txt letting you know your base is being raided or just scouted if you place it wrong :D. This way you can react to it, I get raided a lot when i’m offline and if there is a way for me to react to it would be pretty nice. What ya think?

Garry has already mentioned that he would like to add electricity to the game. He mentioned that with that he could see a system that lets you connect to an in-game camera that you could view through your mobile device (android/ios).


Touche good stuff thank ya didn’t see that one.

Oxide has a plugin in for this, as soon as someone blows up a wall or a door it gives you a msg that tells you that you are under attack and by whom.

Edit - Me this time not taking time reading properly my bad ^^
this only affects you ingame of course. As linking this to any kind of digital service would require the servers to have access you your personal information which i would strongly oppose.