Alarms e.g tin can, trip alarm/Booby trap


Love the gameplay so far, think it’s brilliant and it have been a long time since I have been playing a game as much as this.

We played 8 straight hours yesterday and it was fantastic!

I know it’s in the alpha, but I still wanna try and make some suggestions that can maybe improve the game.

One thing I would really looooove in the game, should be some kind of Alarms, but really simple and nothing electronic.

The way i am thinking is something like, we have the canned food, when that is eaten let the empty tin can stay in the inventory.

Combine that with some kind of string/rope and some wooden sticks and suddenly you got an “alarm” system you can place around you base and if people tricks the alarm you can hear the noise from the tin cans (This should ofc could be triggered by animals or zombies)

Another primitive trip alarm/booby trap could be something like this I found on youtube.

He places a contraption between two lumps of wood, he got some kind of a metal plate with a piston or something that is triggered when the line is broken and he places a shotgun shell. When it is triggered the shotgun shell go off and then you know where your perimeter is breached! It can also fire flares, blanks, and pepper gas shells.

See the video here:

I think this game have a ton of potential and if we can help make it better, why not.

In my world could this be an amazing thing to make, but it also depends on the future of the game.

But if anyone have more of these contraptions please feel free to share them!

I wish everyone a very good Christmas and all the good for the future of the game.

Keep up the good work guys.


You can make pretty elaborate traps with spiked walls dude. Build a maze at your only entrance, the point being that most raids happen at night, and when one of them bleed to death from crawling into a spike they usually light flashlights/torches. Makes for easy sniping.

Also, scaring raiders by shooting one when theyre all in a maze of thorns usually makes them go apeshit and run through stuff. It makes for good fun.

A personal favorite is to wait untill you know theyre somewhere in the middle, then throw down a flare and yell “SHOOT THEM GUYS” and then just spray some.

“Hilarity ensues”.