The giant demon thing from Painkiller Hell and Damnation


[tab]Description:[/tab] Alastor from Painkiller Hell and Damnation


  • Bodygrouped armour
  • Multiple sizes


Source Files:



Handsome fellow


I love you omg I think you’re making me turn homo

[sp]But thanks[/sp]

Alastor is one of badass boss in Painkiller
Really great port!

Hot damn, lookit that thing. A great addition.

oldschool giant bosses FTW!
btw … is that first picture taken in source?
it looks so good!

One ugly mother…fu**er.
Always a master at releasing monsters/creatures arn’t we oogaboogaman.

hey i can use this in my Cthulhu project, no need for separate wing ragdolls anymore

awesome btw

Holy shit that fucking amazing!!

Best Boss in the game

Kick ass, great work as always, ooga!

Source Filmmaker.

The sources are there for whoever wants to do anything to the models. :slight_smile:

I’m not gonna lie, the thread title made me think of that sword from the Devil May Cry series. That aside, very nice job.

Superb release thanks so much! This is seriously one of the highest detail models I’ve ever seen in source and the bodygroups, the bones, and the different sizes are VERY handy for film making. I’m already working on a video with this guy but for now here’s some pics I did in SFM. Are you planning on doing any more Painkiller HD ports? (I ask hopefully) Thanks again![/THUMB]



Hey guys, I’ve made an IK rig for SFM so you animators can get crackin!

Awesome stuff. I was having trouble with ik rigs with digitigrade legs. I’ll sneak a peak at the script. :wink:

Yah to be honest I probably didn’t do it properly because I don’t really know what I’m doing. Please feel free to improve on it!

Awesome release!