Albert Wesker RE4 OR 5

Can someone port him rigg him what ever i dont know. thanks

p.s could someone port the dog from re4 aswell u know the one u rescue out of beartrap at start. that distracts el gigante when ur fighting him

will look for the dog through the files because I cant use dx ripper at all it just crashes my games and I have an albert wesker RE4 model somewhere it was ported by s-low

cool thanks could u link to albert wesker model plz?

This model? Gimme a couple of minutes and I give you a link ^^

thats the model

Any chance of giving me the link also? I’d like to use Wesker for my own posing crud.

Found this one on S-Low’s site: Is that the one you were after?

That one is kinda new, and about the Wesker File…

I got it from the Huge Playermodel Pack if I’m not wrong.
To be sincere one day I suddently saw the model on my playermodel’s options. :v:

Gonna check depper to get you the suit wesker, if I find another pack in which it came or something I will let you guys know.

And sorry if I’m taking too much time to search, I’m currently working a lot so I don’t have time for anything.

I’ll take a look at it for ya, and I understand, I have to do a lot of crud also…

P.S:A link would make my life easier you know…

thanks everyone for replying im at college atm so i look later