Albert Wesker

Here’s Wesker from Resident Evil 5.

This one has major issues with face flexes, as the face didn’t seem to be properly rigged. Must be a problem with extracting him from the RE5 files.

Has (partially ok) face posing, eyeposing and fingerposing. Also bodygroups for his sunglasses and gear.

I would have given his trenchcoat a bodygroup, but too many bones. Going to have to make it a seperate mesh and just no-collide it onto him in the scene I suppose.

Downloads -

Again, sorry about the faceposing. Wesker has great expressions… :frowning:


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Just like ingame.

Yes! It is done!

Oh God this is Funny xD

awesome yet again!

any plans for any other models?

Trying to get Excella…but she’s being a big bitch. Just like IN the game.

Anyway, could you try porting stuff from Darkside Chronicles? I remember Plasmid was doing Manuela, but he then ran off to do some Dead Space ports.


is there a model for the generic gas masked BSAA troopers? or are they only in cutscenes, those would be pretty cool to have (thinly veiled request haha)

From what I heard, they’re not just in cutscenes.

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This is awesome. =)