Alcatraz faces gunship

Way too much contrast.

I think its okay but that rifle looks a little silly

is that a rocket coming out of the cockpit?

nope, it’s searchlight

I think he means the antenna thingy. I’ve seen it on Hinds before. Have absolutely no clue what it is.

The red thingy sticking out the cockpit is a fuel rod for re-fueling mid-air.

Best rain I’ve seen in weeks.

Still getting worse I see.

i like it.

Dat scope

Opened this, it’s 2 AM… MY EYES THEY BURN!!

Otherwise I like it a lot :buddy:

I find it hot.

It dosen’t look like its done in Garrysmod XD

Nice posing of that ragdoll, its a pain to get it looking right :\

what’s silly about thermal weapons sights?

(hint: nothing)

oh, BTW, I forgot that Nanosuit already got thermal vision.

^Dammit, I was about to say that in reply to Rossum’s comment.

Oh well.

Alcatraz looks good, though.

Too sharp for my tastes