Alekos's No More Heroes beam katanas

This pack contains Travis’s blood berry and Tsubaki mkIII, and as an added bonus, Travis’s shades. The Tsubaki has bodygroups for the beam, the blood berry has a bodygroup for the spine to be extended and the beam. The shades are just shades, not a tool to take human life with, though they do make everything yellow when you put them on.
Tsubaki mkIII[/t]
Blood Berry
Travis’s sunflower shades
here’s some poses some people made with this stuff

Here’s the download link because I forgot to post it earlier

Brilliant release. I wish the shades were a bit more reflective.

das moist

I got to make a preview picture for once.

i’m so happy

Please tell me that Dampierre model is available somewhere. I MUST HAVE IT.

Who is the guy who look like Dampierre?

Anyway good job

I’m pretty sure that guy who looks like Dampierre

you know

is Dampierre.

These look amazing. Good job.

Also, because Mr.95 asked so nicely…

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