"Alert! We are under attack!" Reds checking out their radar.

For some reason,the jpg quality went down the crapper.
i suspect gmod having a bad meaning of “100% jpg quality”

Scout’s faceposing is just…:iia:

Epic man.

I hate seeing the engineer’s head

Evil scout, HIT THE DECK!

Scouts face posing is amazing!

Most Agreed on that there Uber.

“We’ve got six contacts on radar - ACHOO! … Dear God, there’s a dozen more of them!”

The scout looks like he’s about to yell out…
anyone? :v:

Scout looks like he is constipated, or he merged with MD 1032

he does look like Biff now that you mention it…

I…don’t really see whats so great, I mean, it may just be me, but I’m seeing the Scouts pose as that of a hunchback :confused:

HORRIBLE shading.

But good posing and i like the screens.

Scouts face is ridicioulus.

Scouts face made me lol so hard