Alex brake in 1

I might make a series of these what do you guys think of them

The Break in

Alyx gets ready for the kill

Alyx throws the knife for the kill

Bam right in the head

He is done for

Alyx needs the clothes

She cleans the mess up (I Can’t take the blood off at that time)

She is ready for more

So should I make more or stop here
(say anything you want the more you say the more i learn)

Posing was very off.

Any more say anything about this movie if u watch it.

That posing was off by alot, and did Alyx get a sex change? Really, every 1 out of 10 people can’t spell it.

ok First thing Alyx i did spell it wrong no need to bust my balls

two She puts on the outfit that she got from the combine smart ass

By sexchange I ment how you spelt it, not when she put on the uniform.

The posing is a little bit off, But a random idea!

Fair enough idea, but crap posing.

Ok then tell me where bad poseing is i know the knife was bad and the walking part in the start but other then that its not all that bad

Good laugh at the posing.

Umm… Yeah keep working on it.

You should make more, keep the ideas, work on the posing.
The bodies on many of the ragdolls are really twisted in the torso. Hold E down while using the mouse on that part of the body to rotate.
Many of the body parts are flopping, also. Like when Alyx is kneeling, she need a tummy-tuck-in as she looks like her spine just turned to jelly.
The one where she’s throwing the knife is a simple standing pose with an overstressed arm that got frozen. We all do it by accident sometimes if we twitch the mouse, but we try to remedy it because it looks like poo.
The first one with the combine is awful. Just look at him.
Nice effort to tell a story, I applaud that, but the posing is less than OK. Try to look at how real people stand and then emulate that. Spend more time on individual body parts and watch the lower body for flopping/twisting. You’ll get there.

Oh, and it’s BREAK in. Brakes stop a car.

Damn, you got that before i could!

LOL dam i can,t spell that day i swear i could not not even is CSS

Fuck, wrong thread, please don’t baneth me! :smiley: