Alex Mercer from Prototype

Whould a couple of alex mercer ragdolls be sweet ?

Yes it would be sweet.

A brilliant title, congratulations.

Just because every other request completely fails to retain a decent format, it doesn’t mean you should be commending the odd few that do it right :stuck_out_tongue:

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*  PLing renamed the thread in Model/Skin Requests from “[prototype]” to Alex Mercer from Prototype

Disregarding the name thread , it would be awesome if someone could rip alex. At least in his human form , and then we would go for the transformations

His diffuse is 512x512, it would look terrible in Source, trust me. He is mapped to one tiny texture, and his normal map is the same if not smaller.

Oh, I see now :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoops 2 week bump oh well.

Body: Left 4 Dead zombie
Head: Male_04 from Half-Life 2 series
Hoodie: Grand Theft Auto IV pedestrian

Not textured yet because I can’t get a hold of a PC version and nobody that has it on PC has it on Windows XP so they can’t get the textures for it with 3D Ripper DX. If you have Prototype on the PC with Windows XP, PM me so I can texture this thing.

Whoah! That its looking nice!

Have an artistic!

Nice useful bump ^^

This would be so cool if this gets done. Alex Mercer is a sexy beast :3

More pics of Alex Mercer:

lots of detail in this vid:

Getting the models from the game and working in GMod exactly as they were in Prototype is like physically impossible. When you try to rip the model from Prototype, the UV maps are broken, which basically say how the texture fits. This is unfixable, unless you re-UV map the entire thing which would be a fuckload of work. There aren’t any tools available yet to port the model directly from the game’s files, either.

What engine does Prototype run on? (i’m guessing it has it’s own one)

Uses the Titanium engine. I looked it up before too and was hoping for the Unreal engine or something so I could ask the umodel guys, but no. :frowning:

Hulk: Ultimate Destruction used an older version of the engine though.

Normally i wouldnt bump a thread this old, but one of my friends want this model to come out.
I tried ripping the model from actual game but the uv maps were fucked up, so it was useless. but i did get the textures out.

Same here, bro. I don’t think it’s possible without redoing the UVs, and who the fuck wants to do that?

I wouldnt.
Shame really. Its a cool model.

I’m sorry, i can’t get the image out of my head since i’ve seen the Zero Punctuation of it.
“Emo Peter Pan”
Still twould be an EPIC model

What using about this ?