Alex Mercer from Prototype

That’s actually a neat tool, but I don’t know how it would work with Prototype.

Dont let this thread die!

Hey Guys i am new Here i am the one who want the Model what AndersenTheMuss already said.
The Model from ssa gib a is looking cool but the Guy is Banned here O_o,
would be cool to have the Model , because i want to rigg it for the Game “MaxPayne2” :slight_smile:

id be happy to try it


You prove your awesome status once more.

do you have him with his regular hands?

You really fucking need to ask that?

Geeze I just wanted to know, do YOU know if he does of not?

Yes he does, and that didn’t need four posts concerning it.

I haven’t been able to work on him for a bit, I wouldn’t keep your hopes up for this week.


anything yet?


/caps /sarcasm

i support this, even though i cant do shit to help, i still support it, im a big fan of the prototype game

and my first name is Alex, yaaaa, i have the same name as a mass murderer who i trying to do the right thing XD

I’m working in this models for that are available to anyone for free.

(I have models from Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of stalingrad for those interested … not fake )

try converting these models to gmod?

Then how about you do a favor for every single person in this scene and release them publically in the release section? Because I’m pretty sure it’s easier that way than all the dozens of people contacting you separatly.

Who’s that big boy?

Is this almost complete? Ive been wanting this ragdoll for some time.

PM the creator. Don’t bump a one-month old thread.