Alex Mercer in disguise.


He has a tight grip around that M16 :q:

Is this some kind of prototype reference?

Well, DUH

Of course it is.


Alright, cool picture then.


I haven’t played it.

Well, the title has Alex Mercer in it, so yes.
Rate me clocks.

K I rated you a clock.

Me neither but I knew who the main character was, I forgot how I found out :derp:

Blood is very bright tough.
Beside that its great.

The colors are weird, but I like them.

Eww, entire arm plowing through the guy’s chest cavity. Good pose and edit Hunter!

Your avatar made me lol with that post.

Haha :v:

Yay Alex mercer stealing yet another life for no good reason!, do another of him throwing guard. . . “THATS HIM I KNOW IT!” caps*

That has to hurt.

“Eat a guard, disguise yourself as that guard, accuse another guard of being you, and then eat the winner. Then fly away spurting blood from your wrists and feet like some Emo Peter Pan.”
I like the blood.

No, its not, it’s an Assassins creed 2 reference.

Zero Punctuation?