Alex Shepherd model?

hello guys
i wonder if someone could send me Alex model from SH Homecoming
i’m plan to port it to Gmod,thanks

You’re asking for the source files, right? The ones that aren’t compiled to any game?

If you are, you’re in luck because I have just that from when I was porting Homecoming models a year ago.

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Shit the link’s dead, sorry. I don’t have another copy of it. I’ll ask around to see if anybody still has it.

thank you
hope you can find new link download soon

Hmm hope this gets done! Support.

I from Russia am sorry for the English.

Really anybody yet hasn’t made Alex’s model?

You made an account just to say this?!

About yes, has got to the core. And itself as you think?

Sorry, I do not understand. Could you try to improve your English by at least twelve words?

oh well, it does not matter
I also warned that my bad english)

I read the bit about the bad English 4 hours ago.

Who can tell me with what program can I cut Alex’s model?