Alex's Hamachi Server (Facepunch'd!)

I made a new server with hamachi today. It allows you to noclip, no prop protection and Noclipping is allowed.
Anyone can join IF they have hamachi.
To join you must type this in when going to my server:

ID: GModAlex311360
Pass: N/A

Have fun and start making creations!
Uptime: Weekdays: 5 Somethin to 8:00
Fridays and Saturdays: 9:00 to 11:00 or later
Sunday: Same as weekdays
Have fun!

… Just wow.

Bring on the horde.

Sorry, but why would people join a temporary server when there are so many good 24/7 ones?

I smell a pirate. Or a person who doesn’t know how to forward ports. But the above poster is also correct why would we?

Not a pirate. If you want to know someone who is, go look at Razor.

Hey man , you use Hamachi for the server , its not 24/7 its good for your friends not for all , nobody will join to your server !

If you’re not a pirate, why the hell would you use hamachi for creating a server?
If you want to setup a temporary LAN game with some buds, then fine, but for the love of god don’t post about your crappy hamachi server on here.