AlexVestin's Operator Texture Template

Hello. I’ve just been searching around and wondering if anyone has texture templates for the AlexVestin’s operators. I was hoping to make my own set of custom camo operators for myself and a couple of frienderinos and it’d be great if I had a texture template to work with instead of trying to make it work from current dark green/blue/camo’d textures. Thanks in advance.

Easiest thing to do would be to snag the desired camo pattern from the camo texture thread.

Then take the camo texture that has the closest to neutral grey such as TPat or a lightened black and then do the following:

Select the areas for the camo to be applied.

Save the selection so you can reuse it.

Place the camouflage onto a new layer.

Select the saved selection of the camo areas.

Invert the selection.

Delete the now inverted selected areas.

Set the layer effect of the camo layer to “Multiply”.

Duplicate the layer.

Make the duplicated layer PURE white ( 255/255/255/255).

Set the white layer to have the layer effect of “Overlay”.

Export as .VTF and apply to models.

Also, I’d use the BF3 models instead of the outdated MW2 models because they look like chunky ass compared to the BF3 models.

If you could provide me with the texture files, I could get you a grey map. All I require is the diffuse and normal textures.

I’d like to use BF3 Models but they don’t have any normal balaclavas and I have no idea how to work 3DS Max or Blender or any of those programs at all, so I use MW2 ones.

I always thought using balaclavas on models was just a cop-out so you don’t have to do face posing in your scenes, but I think someone might have made balaclava-headed BF3 torsos in the ESPW thread. I don’t have a link, but I’m pretty sure I saw it at one point; I could be completely wrong however.