AlexVestin's weapons and skins pack

i wanted to download this pack (for garrysmod) only to find out i need hl2, ep 1, ep2 and i dont have thease and im to poor to aford them i have css as my engin and i know for a face that im not the only person in this situation and would greatley apprecate it if some one can change the materials/textures so they dont need hl2 (ect.).

there are pics of the hexed and origanls at this adress if anyone can help that would be brillant ant worth a gold star. . .

and thanks in advance for anyone who can and will help

thank you.

If you have CSS, you have the HL2 materials. Though not the EP1 or EP2.

yes and thats the problum this file requires all 3. . .

How old are you?

19 why what’s the problum

you are to old!!

You’re 19?

Okay. What ever you say :rolleyes:

But either way we can’t do this for you. That would be considered warez and that’s illegal! :cop:

warez? the hell is that?? anyway i already asked alixvesten for permssion to do this

“Warez” is pretty much pirating. Illegal distribution/download of content that costs money.




yes well all that aside its alexs baby and he said if i can find someone to do it than do it just look at them and tell me you woulden do whatever you could to get your hands on them . . .

Congratulations, gentlemen.

You’ve yourself more or less released/requested warez.

You’ve yourself more or less requested warez.

You’ve yourself more or less requested warez.

The release history here at Facepunch already contains like of 93,7% illegal stuff. Does not seem like anyone really cares nowadays.
Models get ported illegaly from new games to source daily here.

Yes, my releases in my modelpack thread is considered to be warez too.

Now that was the most win thing ever said by AlexVestin.

You don’t look like a ‘19 year old’. Your lack of spelling and not knowing warez/asking for it pretty much shows it. Unless you’re not from America.