Alice Madness Returns Card Soldiers

Now go make those sex poses.

Already am.

Post it here when your done.

Awesome, these look terribly creepy. :tinfoil:

Awesome thanks!

Eeh gawd, undead card guards.

god that’s disturbing beyond belief

Thats Tim Burton for you.

<3 DT.


These guys look awesome. I love the design.

Holy crap these models are boss. Very freaky looking.

It’s so cool ^0^

Actually currently playing this game and have reached the level with these guys. Awesome looking. Any chance we will get Alice as well?

Haha, these are awesome.

Outstandind! Now all we need is Alice.

I might have to look in to this game…

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I kind of hope you die.

Anyway, great work on the models, DT. Quality work as per usual.

American McGee’s/Spicy Horse team dude
About TB’s Alice… let’s forget about it, shall we?

I love you too.