Alice madness returns

Hello people, i was wondering, when madness returns is released (if it aint already, i dont keep track of this kind of stuff!, lol) could someone create/port Alice in the dress you see in the trailer? you can find demonstration gameplay and trailers around YouTube

here is a link to the trailer with the dress i’m talking about

Only Alice?
I’d rather see her+ weapons + enemies =3

oh yea, mabey some of those, her weapons, the enemies might have to wait till after the game has been released, so it would be easier, mainly just her and her weapons though, mainly her and her knife, you can make up some enemies in gmod im sure.

Is the Madhater in this game ? Cuz if so i would want to see him in gmod.

Cool, it’s out in a little more than a week.

~2 weeks

Alice:Madness Returns is out, any1 willing to make models?

better not use the same damn gameplay like the lame game you everybody knows

But…we only want the models…

I’d love to do it myself, but i have no idea how to do it xP

Ive not seen that exact dress in game as of yet but then again her dress is different in the main part of each chapter just bought the game a few days ago and only up to the beginning of chapter 3. but I intend to go back through the game using dxripper after beating it once grabbing all of her default dresses all the weapons enemies and mabe some of the breakables and collectables (bottles, teeth, memory items and roses)

You can just use Umodel to rip them right from the game files.

having trouble with both ways I cant find the model files for anything all I can see in the folders is maps and the 3dripper just crashes when I have it extract. any suggestions?

Oh yes please!!!

How you like dem apples.

they look awesome :smiley: do you have more models like the march hare?

And when release?

those guys scared the hell out of me when i first saw them emerge

When i just feel like releasing it.

nice work! :smiley:

Like Mk Pack :v: