So here are some pictures of what I am working on atm

any ideas on how i could make this look better?

Its still WIP

Lighting so I can see where I’m going.

I’ve already added light in the important areas however i intended the parts between to be a bit darker.

Is acceptable? When i tested it it seemed rather playable to me.

Do not use entirely white lights. blend in some blue or yellow.

yeah the white light was only because zomg asked for a light so he could see more the original only uses yelowish tones to implicate oil light.

this is more like what I had in mind for the release

I think it’s looking pretty good. My suggestion would be to use displacements for the ceilings and walls, for the sort of cave/mine thing that you’ve got there.

You have structural problems and missing detail.
I mean that some of those platforms and things are missing supports.

some platforms look super thin, like you could step through them at any given moment. And it usually looks quite unsafe to not have railings for the stairs and whatnot.

I belive he’s aiming for a surrealistic feel like the Alice game from some 10 years ago or so.

they are displacements but they’re just very big. any ideas on how to fix this?

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at the moment i have playerclip to prevent the player from falling. I want to model some railing for stairs that fits with the railing that i have but i have no modeling experience maybe i can do it in google sketchup.
also for the thinness of the platforms ill make some metal supports for them.

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could you define what what the structural problems are? and for detail ill try to use sketchup for making some extra models

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Long story… but in short yes I want a surrealistic feel but still a realistic sort of physics, so I will make supports for all those platforms.

Make the displacements a higher power and/or split them up with the clipping tool.

4 is the highest right?
and if i split em up wont that cause more leaks?
anyway ill try it

also it didnt seem too important to me because its mostly dark anyway.

Splitting displacements causes a leak, that’s a new one, who on earth told you that?

I’m not told just was worried i mean the more the displacement so more chances that it could go horribly wrong (especialy in my case)

nah nah nah, it doesn’t matter if you have one huge displacement or 50 small ones as long as they all line up. You should turn the ceiling into displacements too, to give it a sort of carved out of a cave feeling.

Are you saying you have displacement bordering the void?

nope not anymore i already fixed that

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ok ill do that too

Was nobody else curious at to why he called the thread Alice?

They might remember a old thread of half a year ago or they’re not interested.

I can post the story but it will take a while.

I guess most assumed that it was just another remake of the game alice by american mc gee. ( which it is not)

If anyone wants the story just say so.