Alick and Harlan (a comic series)

Yes, the two little PAC3 robots that I made test images about, have now names and a series! Meet Alick and Harlan, two robots in the year two thousa- COUGH COUGH on a quest to run a successful donut shop. Here are the first to comics as a taste of what’s to come. Feedback is more than welcome.

That 2nd one made me giggle.
The first one only a smile.
Still, lovin’ the work, keep it up, please.

I felt like the joke in #3 fell really flat, so I’m making up for it by releasing #4 today. I hope it doesn’t suck as much.

I’m seriously loving these, good stuff man.

Didn’t realize the replies to the thread were more comics.
Gonna have to be watching this thread now.

I know there’s a glaring shadow mistake in the first panel, but I couldn’t help it.

One thing I must say I like about these is the size contrast between them and people. I feel it really adds something to the comics.

Har. Turing. I get it.

These are great, I need more.

These are some pretty great short comics.

Keep it up dude!

Fantastic shorts, and clever use of PAC3 as well!

Fairly original take on GMod comics. I like them!