Alien Abduction Survival

Hi all,

This is an IDEA for a game mode which I have named Alien Abduction Survival. I got the inspiration from reading about the UFO Abduction Frenzy mod, which you may find here:

The game mode is like so:
There are two teams, the Humans and the Alien.

The Humans start in random positions around a map (a good map being gm_bigcity) and are given a 15 second head-start to find a good hiding place. The Alien then spawns in a UFO and flies around the map in search of Humans to abduct.

There would be a time limit, say 5 minutes. If all the Humans are found and abducted, they loose. If the Alien abducts all the humans, the Alien wins.

The game mode is basically hide and seek with a twist to it.

If anyone wants to create it, you are more than welcome to do so. Call it whatever you would like, it would be your mod, but Alien Abduction Survival is an idea.

Lol, you said how the humans lose, which means the aliens win, and you said how to the aliens win which is how the humans lose. Decent idea, but you have to contribute or nobody will make it, at least if they do they won’t give you any credit.

Well the map practically already exists. I don’t know if there are any other maps like gm_bigcity; if there are then even better!

What would need to be done is:

  • Create a UFO model (unless an existing model were used)
  • Create the sound for the UFO
  • Write the Lua code:
    Create 2 teams; 1 random person to be chosen to be the Alien, and the rest to be the Humans
    Create the laser beam (using existing effects) which when pointed at a Human, abducts (kills) them (deducting a point from their score; adding a point if they survive)
    Create the code for the UFO to function as a flying machine

I don’t mind if I don’t receive credit, but unfortunately I don’t have the time to learn Lua nor create the game mode, though I wish I did!

How about a timelimit for the humans; avoid getting abducted long enough and the round ends, all the remaining humans getting a point (or several), or maybe a respawn system where the Alien must get a certain amount of points - once they abduct a human, that human respawns and the round keeps going.

Sounds interesting, definitely worth a shot, if only for the humor and fun.

That’s the idea I proposed lol! I do like your idea of the points system though, but it could result in boring games where one afk spawns in the middle of an open area the the Alien just finds him; ignoring everyone else. Also, it wouldn’t be as fun knowing that the Alien might not ever bother looking for you because there are easier targets.