Alien agriculture


More Sci-fi pictures to come! :smiley:

Very original! Haha, and also very good!

Pretty darn interesting.

That saw thingy… Oh God the memories…

Incredibly original idea. Well done.


You should have put way more grass though, you can see the map behind.

Bugs life?

I wanted it to look kinda arid.

Yeah. What models are those by the way? The aliens, I mean.

The lighting and the sand is enough for that. It doesn’t really make sense that they would be farming a patch of crop that looks about ten square metres.

Oh my god, the flying alien made me lol

Now this is original. Very nice. Have artistic.

Looks like the Verdugo boss from Resident Evil 4


Ok, i didn’t expect THAT

I’m laughing 'cause I was just looking at them on

That’s super awesome, but I feel like he’s not going to get very far with a machine that cuts vertically.

I guess that you never saw Bug’s life :stuck_out_tongue:

Fucking original mate, your Sci-fi pics are really nice!

Thanks for all the comments :smiley:

whats that flying one doing?

Transporting goods :stuck_out_tongue:

This is awesome. Your pictures are more original than 90% of the stuff that is posted everyday (if I see another Soap shooting off-screen picture, I’m going to gouge my eyes out). Please keep doing these.