Alien AvP3

could someone port an ALIEN model from Alien vs Predator 3 please.

I believe someone is working on one.

That’s AVP 2

argh well still a good looking alien model

it’s for the counter strike=(

but the ragdoll can be used in gmod

They already have one of those in NPC and just the model. We want the AVP3 aliens not the AVP2. There is a difference.

You know I have a thread concerning about this already?

used as ragdoll? how?

There is a way to port the models from AvP3 because theres a Predalien and Predator ported but no alien :frowning:

Well, there is a Xenomorph already ported, but the textures are kinda low quality and the tail only has three points of articulation.

Yeah, but either the model is proted from AvP2 or are you talkin from another model?


Here’s link to a predator from AvP3, I’m going to ask him that he could port the aliens.

I’m talking about AvP 2010, mate.

still, why dont lilwasa give us a beta version of alien.

I thought lilwasa was working on an alien? You mean its ready to send out only he doesn’t want to share it or something else?

I saw screenshot, and it was nice.

When it comes to models, lilwasa is…well I don’t want to say he’s a jerk. Because I can somewhat understand how he feels about the subject. So I’d say he’s a bit…apprehensive, maybe?

He makes these amazing models, posts screenies of them on here, then gets huffy when people ask for them. I understand it gets old after awhile, but sometimes it seems to me that it’d be easier on him if he just didn’t post them at all if he has no intention of finishing them or releasing them.

Once again, not trying to talk bad about the guy. Just saying there’s a better way. Point is, don’t look forward to getting anything from him. He’ll either release it or he won’t.

No…it’s not…:hurr:

Lillwasa’s Alien model is not really from the demo from what I’ve seen.
It’s head is WAAAAAAAAAY to small and elongated from the game.
It’s possible that Nexus also gave the model to him. He did create an Isaac Clarke
and never released it. Selfish kid :frowning:

There was also another guy who ported one, Dragoshi1 was it?

These are his words:

**“It’s completely in a beta.”

**Yep, showing how perfectly rigged the model is. Then he still has no intention to releasing it to us.

just move the materials an models in the game server folder to the main garrys mod folder than just open it in game, but i cant show you atm as im in the middle of getting a new charger for my laptop… atm in using my moms :smiley: