Alien creatures smelling the prey in an old space vessel

The map is Aim_Baltic.

Thread music:

Original here:

C&C, please.

This looks pretty cool!

Wow creepy

what are these things from?

I like this very much,Perfect angle like combine said gives it that creepy level feel to it


Some weird mutants from SiN Episodes: Emergence.

Really cool.
Tho the camera angle is rather bad


How “bad”? Empty? Boring?

Gonna go with “Empty” from his eye of view.

Maybe this would be more fitting thread music?

That track from aliens never struck me as scary, more of a peaceful kind of thing.

Nice pic though.

I wanted to show the enviroment too, as I re-decorated the hallway “a bit”.

Thanks. Music changed.

Think it looks a bit like the movie Pandorum. Nice!

Nice have a platte :v: also what map is that or is it a scenebuild?

The map is Aim_Baltic (as stated in the OP :downs:), with sci-fi props added.

I like it.

I guess Darius started a Sci-fi bandwagon since his space-biker pic lol
Nice pic mate, I like the lights on the scene.