Alien gas station- man getting his hoverbike repaired

  • “what do you mean ‘50 credits’!?”*

A thanks to Chesty for the C&C before i posted.


I love the use of models. Very creative. Well done!

Fooking awesome use of models as Chesty said.
There should be a little more dirt or stuff around, the ground looks kinda empty.

I love the angle btw.

And where you got that alien model?

SiN episodes

What desert map is that btw? 'Cos the one I have been using has yellow shadows and it really pisses me off.

Model improv’ FTW! Very well done.
Isn’t it a little dangerous to be inhaling that?
Now I’m curious to what that can was supposed to be, acetylene? hydrogen?

I take it their prices the same as ours?

Space VAT is higher.


You know, I’ve never really thought of those mutants as a model to use for an intelligent creature.

Though I still don’t think I ever will, this pose has opened my eyes.

Anyway, great job.

I’m really liking these pictures, they have a nice feel to them and show some of the oddities within sci-fi.

Inspiring me to return to some of my sci-fi stuff.

Very unique looking sci-fi.

This is great stuff darius, good thing you took in the C&C and didn’t overdo the burning.

I like it.

But why the hell is is breathing something flammable?

Thankyou everyone for the comments. :smiley:

I don’t know… he’s a half dragon man mutant thing? :stuck_out_tongue: