Alien in garrysmod

Hi for the first im not the best when it comes to english, second this might be a retard idea and proably really hard to make, but i’ve always wanted to see this on garrysmod because source engine is perfect for this (my opinion) . since there are so many talented people on facepunch studios when it comes to modding. I am a huge fan of the aliens movie:D and i’ve always wonderd why there isnt any alien “pills” or something that makes you to an alien… i have some ideas that i think would be awsome for this! but due to my lackness of skills when it comes to modding i cant make this and i know this would be really hard to make but maybe somebody could do it. Okay here are some of my ideas:D 1. The Alien should be able to climb on walls obiously. 2. By right clicking on the mouse they should use it’s tail to pin they’re enemies and when they do it the tail should be like a physgun so you can swing around your opponent and when you release he should fly away. 3. if you walk in his blood you should take damage. 4. you can use your tongue/second mouth by pressing mouse 3 and it will kill on one hit to the head. 5 by pressing R you should be able to choose sounds on a list so you can scare your victim or just for fun… Thank you for reading my Idea! and this would be awsome on RP!8D

Ahem…Just stick to this.

theres a skin that changes the fast zombie into a alien and the fast headcrab into the facegugger just not sure where to look


whoops spelled facehugger wrong

Download it, install it, start up GMod, go to singleplayer, look inside your NPC tab and look for the NPCs…

He means literal aliens, like from AVP.

Try asking this in LUA requests.

maybe you should add a queen alien pill so you can spawn facehuggers and when they kill an enemy they turn into a alien

or add a alien queen as a npc which would be way awsome