alien invasion

Poor gsg-9 :frowning:

There’s a reason why we never went back to the moon…

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Major Tom went crazy.

Wow, thas pretty cool!
Looks Germany got hit…


is this SFM?

personally i’ve got no problem if it is, it just looks like it.

considering the size and lighting, I’d say yes but I don’t know for sure

Yes, this is SFM

The post it in the SFM section

“Hear our war chant, foolish humans!

ebay ebay ebay ebay ebay!”

Awesome work.

Nice work!

Cant see it


Kinda looks like the new Snake Men from the XCOM reboot.

Desktop background.

Stop posting SFM stuff in this section, there’s a reason a SFM section exists. This is really good though.
But why is a single GIGN (French) there with a bunch of GSG9 guys (German)?