Alien mod additions

I already know that theres an alien mod, but if it’s possible, i think the following would be a great addition to the mod;

  1. Chest-bursting alien
    The model for this has already been created, but if there was a script that made one of these aliens actually burst through a ragdoll’s chest with gibbing effects after a facehugger killed an npc, wouldn’t that be cool?
  2. Predator NPC
    It wouldn’t be a true mod wthout a foe thrown in
    3)Actual NPCs
    Rather than just regular npcs with different models (SNPCs) an actual NPC made from scratch might put some more realism into the mod
    I know that these ideas might be a bit farfetch’d but if they could be done, then the mod might actually be realistic.

1- That can’t be done with a script alone. It needs animations, too.
2- I’m pretty sure there is one.
3- Who cares, though? Just because they use HL2 animations doesn’t make them unrealistic. Just annoying and repetitive. Really doesn’t matter.

Not really. Just another NPC created from the chest of a player.

He wants a real NPC, not a combine soldier with a different model.

Yes, because Predators really have the AI of a combine soldier, right?

damn fucking right
didnt you see it in the movie?

I don’t care weather this can or can’t be done. I always liked AVP. This would be awesome too with the new AVP game models if anyone ports them.

(6 days+money+time)-complaining=possibility that someone will want to do this.

It was just a suggestion. You can pretty much use that argument with a lot of things. That does not dictate on weather or not a suggestion can be made about the matter. Me and anyone else is allowed to make a suggestion. There are people who port video game models all the time and that never stops them from porting their favorite computer game models. If I knew how I’d do it.