Alien npc conversion.

Been working on this trying to get them rigged up to replace npcs, although been having problems with 3dsmax crashing when importing these models, haven’t ended up starting to rig them yet.






Currently the empress will replace the antlion guard, and the runner will be an antlion replacement. Soon as i fix 3dsmax and no i am not taking requests to convert models.

If you get these to work, I shall love you. FOREVER.

Thats the plan, I’m actually requiring them for a map i’m making, since it’s a massive request i’m doing it myself. The map is an onslaught on a space ship.

omg nice plz creat this ragdolls i like this game “alien versus predator 2” or npc…wait a minute? NPC? wow…this not sure

Why replacements? why not ask someone to turn them into snpc’s?

Why does alpha seems to be fucked?

Because i have no idea how to do animations, and you cannot convert animations over from avp2, Plus i made a request thread ages ago and it was ignored.

Not sure why the arms all appear like that, hopefully i can fix it.

Heeey, where where you when I was makeing hires reskins and begging for these?

Wow those are fucking scary. Please don’t make them replace anything.
Isn’t their aliens in Dan’s SNPC Pack? The ones in there area really small though.

I came. If you release that Queen model, I’ll bear your children.

Theres Alien’s in the Dan’s SNPC pack and i believe they are using the zombie master animations (from looking at the animation mdl, zmanims.mdl) .

Also these ones don’t replace anything.