Alien rushes at a man with a gun

I was playing on a gmod server set up by my friend, and after killing lots of things, I decided to do a bit of posing, which brought me to this.

This was a vanilla server with only custom player models, so go easy on the models.

And here is the scene.

I hope this is good :ohdear:

Pretty nice scenebuild.

I read the thread title as an alien with a gun rushing at a man.

Radial blur rape though.

I can hardly see the alien… if thats even the alien im looking at… too much blur

I thought that too. A tad blur would be ok though.

Hmmm, I suppose the blur is a tad strong. I only had it on 2%, so I guess radial blur is too powerful.

Curious but what alien is that? Nice build, I like the direction of it.

The alien is a beholder from Zeno Clash.

Ah, thought so.

It was multiplayer, so I put up with only vanilla models. And the picture of the scene itself, you can see my friend XD.