Alien Swarm: Custom Multiplayer Maps

I’m trying to make a map work in multiplayer. Apart from the stuff I screwed up I can’t figure out how to do it. I’m not too good with hammer, I only know the basics. Apart from that, how do I construct a campaign and make it work in multiplayer. By the way, google is useless right now because all the results are fucking news articles about the game.

Alot of people are still figuring things out, the most solid information I can offer you is this

Apart from that, you’ll need to wait a few weeks for tutorials to start surfacing.

Thanks man.

Check out the Example Campaign in \common\alien swarm\swarm\addons\ExampleAddon.
Most of it is quite well documented.

Yea but it wont fucking work for me. I can get the map to show up in addons, but I cant get it to show up in campaign select.

Hell, I don’t see an addons option.

I got everything working.


READ \swarm\addons\readme.txt

The link really is a motherlode of information.

map Name of map you made

Have people join through IP


I’ve been trying to figure things out for a while so that one day I could get a Starship Trooper map going on. What do you guys think?