alien swarm models/maps

can someone rip the models and maps from alien swarm?

I haven’t finished downloading yet, but since it runs on Source, you can probably just drop them in your gmod folder and have it work.

i tried that with my dads copy of HL2, but nothing happened. i even made the info.txt file and filled it with the necessary stuff…

Wait, HL2? You don’t have GMod?

I have GMod (you can check my steam account) but i wanted to get the HL2 maps, as GMod did not come with them, only HL2 models.

OK, now you’ve confused me.

From what I understand, you use two accounts, one with GMod, TF2 and Portal, and another with HL2.

My download STILL hasn’t finished, so I can’t be exactly sure, but you definitely can’t just drop Alien Swarm into HL2 and have it do anything.

If you put it in GMod, you should be able to access the models and maps, and someone will probably code the weapons in fairly quickly.

If you want to copy the HL2 data into GMod, you can do that. Get GCFScape, and extract the HL2 map GCF into the gmod folder. Then you should be able to access the HL2 maps in GMod.

No reason for them to be ripped. Just wait for an update to GMount2, because it runs on the L4D2 engine. Might even work now with GMount2, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Dude you confused us all You must have HL2 and GMOD for gmod to have the maps but on the SAME account not sepreat.

allright lemme explain.

I have an account. my dad has an account.

my account has:

  1. portal
  2. team fortress 2
  3. garrys mod
  4. alien swarm

my DADS account has:

  1. portal
  2. team fortress 2
  3. HL2/ep1/ep2 (because of orange box)

I tried putting dads HL2 maps into GMod and nothing showed up…

I think Garry’s mod is smart… But it won’t show up under Half Life 2 it will show up under Other.