Alien Swarm Models

Hey, I recently discovered that the models of weapons work, but they don’t have their textures. When you open folders of aliens though, Gmod crashes. Any suggestions or ideas?

Don’t they have to be ported?

Alien Swarm run on newer source, so yeah.

Yea, I got the models myself by copying the models and materials over, copying them again (.dx80 and .dx90 etc) then putting it into my garrysmod/garrysmod folder.


I don’t know if that means port :frowning:

They Work? if ye you can Relase?

Some models do work like the mining laser but weapons and aliens don’t work. For the survivor people, just get the already released playermodels.

Can somewone teach or is there a tutorial on how to port models?

Just use gm_mount2, it has things to fix some of the problems in L4D and L4D2 so i’d guess some of them will help with Alien Swarm (as i’m sure most of it worked for me (though the newer textures are still a problem and the aliens did crash for me also).

There isn’t an option for Alien Swarm in gm_mount 2, is there?

You add it into the text file, there is a stuff about it in it’s thread but i’ll put the line for you as I wrote it:

Alien Swarm;630;swarm;pak01_dir.vpk;true

That goes on the end of the contents of “games.txt” found in garrysmod/data/mount2.

Wow, thanks a lot!

You still need to convert the textures though, they use a newer .VTF format than gmod uses.

I converted all the textures for the weapons and items a while back except for the grenade box (because i forgot), someone else converted the marines a while back too.

I just forgot to release the ones i’d done.

how, do you convert the textures?