Alien swarm "more HD" marine

I was trying to make this (un)cool model look better. Don’t know…



Doesn’t look HD, but I see what you were going for.

it’s not HD, it’s MORE HD :slight_smile:

It’s impossible to make an HD reskin of that model, it’s so lowres

Is it HD™?

lol, Kurit

Its not HD, sorry

Decent attempt.

Well he said “more HD” not that it was in fact HD. Nice attempt though.

is Hexed?

Is it a playermodel?

if is not hexed i can hexed as a Playermodel

Does it come with a moon and eyeballs?

Do you mean Higher Definition with it? :v:

You mean there is only so much splashing on an overlay and adding some decals can do.

Actually retexturing it is not impossible you know.

I don’t mean to say the reskin it’s self is bad or anything, but that excuse was retarded.

An average reskin, not that bad really. Not high def but not shit. It’s not impossible to make an HD skin of that model, you just need to know how to do it properly. A shitty model can look decent with a really good texture on it. Higher definition and “more” definition mean the same thing. When you make an HD skin, you’re just upping the resolution and rehashing the texture so it’s not a blurry piece of shit and actually has details to it, like scrapes, scratches, grunge, etc. Overlaying new details on the original texture just adds more noise that you won’t really notice in-game. The player models in Alien Swarm are ugly anyway, in my opinion at least.

What I’d really love to see are some Geth player models in Alien Swarm. It’s too bad Valve fucked up like they did with L4D and made it impossible to have skins while playing online. So annoying. If the rest of their online games are going to be like that I’ll drop kick Gabe in the face. Reskins are part of the fun.

You can’t have skins online? I guess I never tried but wow that’s retarded. :confused: