Alien Swarm Parasite porting problem.

OK, I wanted to port the alien swarm Parasite, but there is a problem with it…

The physics model is messed up.

Can anyone help me with it? Here is the .qc

 $cd "C:\Documents and Settings\Michael\Desktop\Uncompiled Source Models and mod content\parasiteragdoll"
$surfaceprop "alienflesh"
$modelname "parasite.mdl"
$cdmaterials "models\aliens\parasite\"

$model studio "Parasite.smd"
$sequence ragdoll 	"Parasite_ragdoll.smd" FPS 30 		activity ACT_DIERAGDOLL 1
$collisionjoints "Parasite_phys.smd" {
	$mass 60.0
	$inertia 10.00
	$damping 0.01
	$rotdamping 1.50
	$rootbone "root"

EDIT: Never mind, the alien swarm .phys file did it for me.