Alien Swarm PlayerModels and Ragdolls

I’ve been working on porting the Alien Swarm playermodels to garrysmod, Specially that there would be no legal troubles since Alien Swarm is a free Source Engine based game that anyone can download, The result of my effort is this, There are 4 models in this pack.

It also includes a SpawnList if you’re interested in making ragdoll poses, Each model has it’s backpack from Alien Swarm

I could also release a version without the backpack but I can’t be bothered.

You can download it all here:

That was pretty quick :golfclap:, have an

its fun to pose my wheatley model with the blue one

these are useful

Too quick. :ninja:

Awesome. I had some problems with posing with them, they are rather stiff.

Aristic’d. Now we need a good pack of all those aliens and weapons and we can pose with these new fellas!

Their Upper Body seems to be tilted at an odd angle as Playermodels.

This is normal, the reason of why it happens is because the standard Half Life 2 Deathmatch weren’t made to fit the Alien Slave model, All other weapons with the exception of the 357, Pistol and the Toolgun should be fine.

These models aren’t that good in my opinion, but that isn’t your fault :v:
The design of the suits isn’t really working with their animations.

That was fast, great job man.

Keep in mind that it’s a 3rd person game, they didn’t need to look that good up close.

That’s strange. After I read that, I played GMod to find that they weren’t at the “odd angle” anymore.


Port monsters too and the Screenhots section will be overrun with epic ASW poses!

I’d like to see the aliens as player models next. Good work!

Yeah, it needs the parasites.

Pretty nice.

I’d love to see some aliens from that game in gmod too, awesome player models here.

i agree completely

Garry said he would add Alien Swarm support in Garry’s mod if it’s compatible with the branch of the engine he’s using “soon” so there’s no need to.

y’know, looking at their gloves, i just relized why all weapons in the game dont have a trigger protecter or have one that go’s down to the handle


When did garry say this.