Alien Swarm Playermodels

It has been released! Faster than I thought

Click the picture to go to the release Thread

Uh the 7.5 files worked for me. Just had to copy paste the header from an old texture and could open it in vtfedit afterwards (only tested one or two textures though so might be wrong)

How do you copy the header from one to another? Do you need to do it in a Hex editor and which part is it?

Worked by replacing “05” to “02” in XVI32, Thanks, I’ll just pack up some stuff and upload it.

Yup that works ^^

The only thing I’m skeptical about is the VMT support in gmod. Since I’m pretty certain I saw an AO map with the textures, and not sure if the gmod source versions supports those yet. And there’s sure to be more stuff in the VMT’s as well.

What, no.

AO doesn’t work in Gmod.

You can just bake the AO map on to the diffuse map using Photoshop. You add it as a new layer above the diffuse and set that layer to multiply then flatten the image. Done.

Jeez, that rimlighting is obnoxious. However, I just discovered the rimlight parameter thanks to this! (Not that it’s mentioned on VDC >_<)

These are actually pretty god damn awesome…

They could use a little bit of work but still you did a nice job.