Alien Swarm SNPCs For Garry's Mod

Before you read: I will release the Alien Swarm SNPCs once I get 100 Subscribers on YouTube. But I will release other packs, this pack is just celebration pack for my 100 Subscribers.
Hello everyone I have been working on Alien Swarm SNPCs for Garry’s Mod.


  • 3 SNPCs From Alien Swarm
    • Drone SNPC
    • Boomer SNPC
    • Shieldbug SNPC
  • Three of them are all friendly and they work together to kill the enemy
  • RagDoll Models For each SNPC
  • Awesome and Nice Spawn Icons
  • Animations
  • Sounds
  • Acid Blood
  • Custom Death RagDolls ( )

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Picture of Boomer:

Picture of Drone:

Picture of Shieldbug:

Picture of the Spawn Icons:

Dead Drones:

Thanks for Reading. This mod is made by: Me (Vrej, also known as Dr. Pepper With Cherry)

erm… is there going to be a download link? because i was under the impression these were RELEASED…

I will see if I am going to release this pack publicly.

Well the tag is WIP and not RELEASE, but generally if you don’t plan on releasing vrej this I would ask a mod to delete this thread, most of the people who flaunt their shit around on an entire thread end up perma banned.

I said not now, I am working on another Mod so please chill

I am being quite chill, just giving some friendly advice that you should occasionally show updates or something if you plan on releasing it.

I see…

personally i really wanted alien swarm snpcs, but the other pack got removed from and i couldn’t use them…it was quite a disappointment, so i hope these get released soon!

Sorry about that, but they were litterally complete shit, so i decided to banish them to the hereafter (Recycle bin)

you were the maker of the other alien swarm snpcs? from the vids they looked fine…

Thanks, i’m currently working on new SNPCs, but i tell you, those old SNPCs are like a murderous tumor in addon history, so i deleted them…

Well I made the them a lot better and stuff, the real thing is that I changed every single code and everything.

hmm, well i hope these are released soon!

Ya maybe soon.

holy sh–… you such a dick…

Damn, if you make and release stuff, you get people to like you.
And then, if you make more good stuff, then people start to like you more, and if you put “subscribe for more awesome stuff!” then people will more likely subscribe.

What you did with these is great, and not another failed attempt some people made.

So… givee stuff furst so people can appreciate, and then ask things… Otherwise they’ll just call you a dick… Mostly…

But me? I’ll go and subscribe, you can start to be happy now. :v:

I already released more then 10 mods on xD and Thanks

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Well Sorry, But I think I have released enough stuff on but now I think I want 100 Subscribers then i’ll release them =)

Thats a dick move dude,you dont make something and then force people to suscribe to get it.

First Of all When I released all my mods I never got respect from the GMod Community Second I am not forcing anyone to subscribe me.

yes you are